Art. Jewelry. Flow

July 4th, 2010 is the day i entered the circle.

I was inspired by three women who were of various ages and sizes during an artisan market on Folly Beach, South Carolina in 2008.  Their names were Dolly, Kristin, and Kacey.  

It was my first artisan market ever participated and I was already nervous that no one would buy my wares. The women were on opposite sides of the small field on the marsh were a happy and entertaining distraction. Dolly was plus sized and much older than i.  She rotated a huge hoop effortlessly with colorful tape on her waist.  She looked so happy. Kristin and Kacey were younger than I, only by a couple of years, danced with similar hoops of vibrant and glittery colors.  Kristin was plus sized, like myself, and Kacey built like a dancer. They both moved with great excitement and grace.

I stood mesmerized at how those plastic circles of color spinning around in the sun like a disco ball.  I had never seen any one move like that with a hoop.  I quickly learned that the hoops that you see at stores are not the same kind of hoops.  An adult hoop goes from the belly button to the ground, i was told.  At that moment, i wanted nothing more to do the same but was still too shy to even try.

In 2010, i had a son the year before and struggled with losing weight since i could not attend a gym with 3 children as my husband worked several jobs.  No longer working in the hospitality industry, I had started to organize artisan markets (now that I had 2 years in the circuit) where i had Dolly (now a good friend) vending with me.  We had grown closer and she was very encouraging on entering my hooping journey.  Hooping boasts burning 400+ calories and hour and it was super fun.  On thaT July 4th i started hooping with a pink and black adult sized hoop (retail $50).

Now with hoop in hand (it was HUGE around 2lbs) I vended my art and jewels at The Pour House on Maybank Highway deck.  Kristin taught me how to do isolations and my first few skills once a week.  I danced with other hoopers and their props at a Widespread Panic preshow in a parking lot.  I practiced every chance i could.  I got better and better.  I always loved dancing but not with partners. Think of the song "Dancing By Myself". 

To make a long story short, I never stopped hooping.  I went to workshops to learn more and meet other hoopers. Kacey (the first person i ever saw hooping) took me to Hoop Convergence and Baxter's Hoop Path.  I hoop nearly every day and have preformed with my fire hoops, fire fans, fire staff, flow wand, and LED hula hoops.  I have become a "hoop mommy" to several others and even teach hooping to kids and adults alike. Through hooping I found tribe and purpose.  

I cannot see myself with out my flow props.  They are my safety blanket.  Anytime i feel down, a hoop always perks me up.  Stress is treated with a hoop session and my wireless headphones.  I'm thankful of my skills so much that it allowed me to be a sponsored hooper which earns me beautiful hoops to engage in blissing out.  

I invite you to visit myYouTube page  (below are 3 of over a hundred of my vids) and where you can find a local hoop instructor or learn how to make your very own hula hoop. It works if you work it and don't be afraid to look silly!