Small Town Living

I ship from a tiny town in Proctorsville, Vermont.  Please note that living in a small town, our rural post office hours are limited.  I will ship Monday to Friday before 2pm. If there is a rush, please email me.  I won't bite.  I thank you for your time and patronage.  Every dollar goes toward my family's Girl Scouts, sports, and other extra curricular activities.  #SupportSmallBusiness

Custom Orders

I have every color under the rainbow.  My glass look like jelly beans that will not rot your teeth!  All the jewelry made with sterling silver, brass or copper.  I encourage custom orders.  Back in September my father upgraded his status to heavenly creature.  He was my very first art instructor and i often was found stealing his drawing paper, markers, and pens.  I gathered some of his cremated ashes and encased them in glass.  I now take my father everywhere with me so he can bare witness to the magic of his legacy.

Welcome to my shop where one of a kind talismans and art are available for choosing.  Click on the banner above to visit my Etsy shop!  Custom orders are encouraged and if there are any items photographed, it may be available for purchase.  

Work in Progress

I take pride that a piece of me is infused in each talisman ensuring that whomever wears has a part of my effervescence "extra-ness".

Every piece I post is for purchase is created by my hands in my little studio located in a tiny village in Southern Vermont.  All glass focals are made of scrap warm glass that i have acquired through the years via a glass studio, Blue Heron Glass,  in my college stomping grounds of Charleston, SC. I fire all glass cabochon in my kiln that i affectionately named Scotty the Skutt, followed by creating a silversmithed setting for my unique talismans.

What are those "stones" made of?

The glass cabochons are fabricated using a special formulated glass that anneals at the same temperature and time.  You cannot just grab any ol' glass and throw it in the kiln. I use almost exclusively Bullseye Glass at a COE of 92.  Up until recently, i also incorporated a glow in the dark glass that is compatible with COE92.  Sadly, the lone provider of the glow in the dark glass no longer is available so once i sell out of the glow in the dark pieces, that's all folks.

Art. Jewelry. Flow

I have been working with warm glass for near a decade after taking a class at Blue Heron Glass in Charleston, SC.  Sometimes its a simple stacking that i sit with glue, tweezers, and a lazy susan.  Lately, I have been doing "potmelts".  Potmelts is a process that is unpredictable and a longer process.  The temperature maxes 1700 degrees compared to the 1500 I usually fire, and the kiln runs for a 12 hour cycle instead of my usual ten hour cycle.  The glass sits in a ceramic vessel with holes, and during the twelve hour cycle, it flows out of the holes like hot taffy and puddles in a swirl of color.