Janetics Ink is Janelle.  A lady with fuchsia dreadlocks that lives happily with her family in a tiny village in Vermont. Born of immigrant parents in the late 1970s in Washington, DC.  Her parents were born in Trinidad and their passion to share their Trinidadian heritage with the American people with elaborate Carnival costumes dancing in long parades up and down the east coast of North America.  Their personalities were near polar opposite.  Father, intensely creative and quiet.  Mother, a disarming extrovert who could not draw a stick figure (but seasoned in sewing). She blames genetics for what the results: Janelle. An eccentric, effusive, effervescent, prolific, and brazen broad that would rather be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

She's married to a Southern beard who is her best friend and a mother of three mixling cherubs that rock her world.  

Not only she is an artist, she also is:

LGBTQ ally


Hula hooper

Girl Scout Leader (troop 51406, baby!)

Substitute teacher 

Star Wars fan

Drag Queen fan


City mouse now country mouse

Great cook 


Eternal Optimist (can find the silver lining in anything) 





Proud Black Sheep

pronounced  Genetics Ink

Art. Jewelry. Flow