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I am always open for wholesale orders to boutiques and private collection. I have been working with consignement/ wholesale with boutiques in North America.      I am an email away!


Sparklepony Mommy

I am a married mother of 3 mixlings living the bohemian dream in a village of 630 people in Vermont.  I am often inappropriate and I am in love with my knee high fringed moccasin boots.  Seldom do i travel without a hula hoop in hand; and my family vehicle is named ChurchVanBetty and she serves as our Millennium Falcon in all her 17 passenger capacity glory.

Original Art

Packed full of color and of varied subject matter.  My art is usually no larger than 8 1/2" x 11" so it could fit any space you call home or work.  Watercolors. Sharpies. Markers. Prints are available in the form of a 1" badges.  I do welcome custom work

I am a one woman show.  Every piece featured has been created by me in my itty bitty studio in Vermont by Okemo mountain.  The glass focals are fired in my kiln, Scotty the Scutt. The brass is all hand cut and filed using smooth river rocks.  I have excitedly poured my sparklepony juju in each piece.  Gift a talisman today.

July 4, 2010 was the day the hoop life found me. I have been going with the flow every day since.  I met the Hoop Life in South Carolina where the flow community was very large.  Since moving to Vermont last year, I have to make a hooping pilgrimage every year down South.   I plan on attending Hoop Convergence 2014and Hoop Path8 Summer of 2014. 
I am also available for group or private instruction.  Please contact me for a quote.
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